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„The right cap-table is the key to any expansion, fundraising or future exit at right value.”

As business development is important for companies, cap-table planning and management should be likewise an important task. Most companies in Hungary are not aware of this and see their ownership structure as a static. They do not know and see what enterprise value increasing solutions are kept away from themselves this way.

In today’s world, when labor shortage is a more and more depressing problem, rising wages pose new challenges to companies day after day. As a result, employee stock ownership plans are expected to spread and the number of stakeholders will also increase rapidly. It is no longer enough to think about company development on the business development level but emphasis should be placed on the design and management of cap-table as well.


case study #1

When one of our clients contacted us, they already had term sheets provided by state-financed VCs and Jeremies…

case study #2

We were contacted by another client of ours with their fundraising goal, supplemented by the additional need of founders’ partial exit…

case study #3

Our well respected client – as a fast growing company – intended to motivate key employees to boost company development…

#Fundraising #SecondaryOffering #InvestorRelations #ESOP


One Minute is a cap-table designer company. We have helped several companies in fundraising and cap-table issues since 2011, focusing on Seed, Series A and Series B rounds.

Either you plan to raise capital or not, one simple call with us can change your company’s path to a successful exit. Let us learn about you filling the form below:

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Being a CEO is a lonely job. There is nobody you can share your problems and struggles with. When you decide to raise money and find the right investors this loneliness is even more harsh.

When I first met One Minute and decided to start working together, I didn’t get a consultant, but a friend who helped me to carry the struggles of a CEO. Before meeting them, my plan was to raise one round as fast as possible and as much as I can. But they helped me to build up a complete strategy on our fundraising with multiple rounds, and helped to execute this strategy. This strategy based fundraising process saved us more than a million USD in the first year alone.

Working with the team was easy. We had scheduled weekly meetings and they scheduled pre-screened investor meetings. My job was finally focused on talking to investors about my company and our vision. Not to chase down the investors, find out if we are a good match, find out the structure, think about the nitty-gitty details of a possible deal etc.

Without this cooperation, our story would be much more different and probably far less successful.  

Zsolt Egri

CEO, BitNinja Technologies

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