Are you regularly being contacted by VCs and does it take more time and effort to manage these contacts than you can devote to it?

If you are planning future fundraising, incoming inquiries by VCs should be considered as a blessing. However, frequent interest may be stressful and depressing as well because it would take plenty of time and energy.

Nevertheless, you need to keep investor interest warm to remain active in their mind. VCs would need updates on your business regularly, e.g. on a quarterly basis. Maybe other startups send these materials regularly, so you should not let them forget you.



One Minute is a cap-table designer company. We have supported several companies in fundraising and cap-table issues since 2011, focusing on Seed, Series A and Series B rounds. Contacting VCs on our clients’ behalf is our daily routine.

We would be happy to serve you with inbound VC calls and your other cap-table and fundraising related issues. Please fill in the form below if you are interested in any service of ours and we will be contacting you shortly.

If you are interested in our services, please fill in the form below with no commitment about the $1,299 pilot for 3 months. Signing a contract and payment happens later, after discussing details.

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Being a CEO is a lonely job. There is nobody you can share your problems and struggles with. When you decide to raise money and find the right investors this loneliness is even more harsh.

When I first met One Minute and decided to start working together, I didn’t get a consultant, but a friend who helped me to carry the struggles of a CEO. Before meeting them, my plan was to raise one round as fast as possible and as much as I can. But they helped me to build up a complete strategy on our fundraising with multiple rounds, and helped to execute this strategy. This strategy based fundraising process saved us more than a million USD in the first year alone.

Working with the team was easy. We had scheduled weekly meetings and they scheduled pre-screened investor meetings. My job was finally focused on talking to investors about my company and our vision. Not to chase down the investors, find out if we are a good match, find out the structure, think about the nitty-gitty details of a possible deal etc.

Without this cooperation, our story would be much more different and probably far less successful.  

Zsolt Egri

CEO, BitNinja Technologies

One Minute 2011-2024